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You can make anything by writing. – C.S. Lewis

Since the start of Carrie Diaries, I’ve been pretty inspired to start writing my diary again. Those kind of series and movies always get to me. Klichéish, but true.

And I really love writing though. It relaxes me, give me some perspective on things. Every thought looks clearer out on the paper. Or a screen. And I love when opening old diaries, you can instantly remember everything like it was yesterday. All the memories coming to life again… Of course I’m not saying we should live in a past, but a visit once in a while never hurts. But don’t forget to live your present life, because that’s the way to create new ones!

Gianfranco Ferre F/W 2013

Yes, I did follow Fashion Week, just not so religiously. I mainly just flipped through blogs with show…

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