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Throwback Sunday: Working It Out

It was Thursday and I had this whole rant prepared, about how people don’t have right to judge your progress as a person and your life, who they think they are and how this shouldn’t even upset you, but then I realized this was pretty much oxymoron so I just deleted the whole thing. I mean, it didn’t upset me personally, but I was surprised how people not really in your life anymore can have pretty mean and pointless opinions based on what’s happening or not happening on your facebook profile. For the record, I still have a life and I’m proud to say I achieved quite a lot this year, thank you for your concern. And a piece of advice: first get your life back in order and then gossip about mine.

Okay, angry moment over. It was my first week back to school after exams and even though I’d love another week or ten off, i must say i came out of the classroom with quite aspiration to finish this freshman year once and for all. Other than that, another busy week at work, but I still managed to make time for workout. I never told you, but I’m training some sort of a self defense called Krav Maga and its pretty brutal. Me and my friend started doing this about 6 months ago and if you want to get in shape, this is highly recommended. Speaking of getting in shape, I will really try and do that at blogging too. The truth is, when I come home late in the afternoon, I just lay on the couch and do nothing. But I will do my best to be productive!

FAVORITE SONG: Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera) – Pitbull

Well, I’ll make the best of my Sunday and I hope you will too!

Weekly inspiration

The truth is, I really love doing this post every Monday, picking pictures from my holly inspiration folder…


  1. niti ne, si cel zavarovan z bandažami, rokavicami in ščitniki za noge, pa tudi v ustih imaš ščitnik za zobe, če gremo bolj zares, sicer pa vadiš bolj tehnike, kar gre pa itak zelo na izi :)

  2. Tale vadba je pa res huda. Imaš potem tudi veliko modric, ker prihaja do fizičnega kontakta? :)

  3. Aja, fajn potem to :) Sem pogledala prispevek, ki si ga objavla. Tehnike, k blo dobr, da jih vsaka ženska ve :)

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