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Throwback Sunday: Back to Life!

No, I didn’t fell off the Earth, I’m still here, hiding in my embarrassment. The truth is, till Friday, I was all about exams and studying, but when the last exam was over, I just… couldn’t bring myself to write. And that’s not a nice thing. I mean, the blog was supposed to be something I do for fun, that’s easy and not just another obligation. And it’s not. That’s why I’ve took those two days to just relax and get over my writing block. Hope it helped. It sure feels right to be here again.

Otherwise, like I said, the week was very school oriented. Library, books, gallons of coffee and chocolate to keep my mind straight. I just hope it wasn’t for nothing. And now that the last exam this semester is done, I can concentrate back to what I love the most. Friends, boy, blog and everything else. This weekend particularly was dedicated to my girls. Lunch, late night tea and cinema, another night of good gossip and hot coffee in the cold snow. And let me tell you something. If this snow doesn’t chill down and stop falling, I’m gonna seriously start considering moving to Africa. I got it, it’s winter, now move on.

Perhaps finishing my essay will help the writing block. Let’s do something constructive today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

FAVORITE SONG: More Than Friends – Inna

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