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Throwback Sunday: New Year & Stuffed Nose

Well, this is awkward. I had the whole post written and prepared, there were just the photos missing and then suddenly, the Blogger makes everything disappear. Damn. But I’ll try and reconstruct it back the way it was.

Oh boy, this was a relaxing week, if you count out the sick part of course. Which is still not gone by the way. I went to the doctors on Friday and there’s a chance I have some sort of asthma or something. Apparently my lungs don’t hold enough breath for me. Don’t know really, I just want to stop coughing, it’s starting to sound a bit like grandma’s dog barking.

As for the whole week, I stayed home, watched a ton of movies, played Sims a lot (I’m kid at heart, what can you do), chilling in my favorite leggings and enjoying the good company. New Year’s eve was very low key, good dinner in pajamas, watching a movie and having a midnight kiss. Ah, I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

But I did go back to the civilization on Friday and it felt kinda strange. You know when you’re home for so long and you don’t care about make up and clothes, it’s kinda funny when have to start worrying about that again. But, it was only for a day, now I’m back to not giving a damn how I look and my cozy bed. Although I have a big pile of books waiting for me to start studying and doing some work, the exams are approaching with full speed. And I’ll start today, I promise!

FAVORITE SONG OF THE WEEK: Lightning – Alex Goot

I hope you liked this little post I wrote, because there are plenty more Throwback Sundays to come. Decided to do this to kinda tell you all about what is happening through out the week. I thought it would be nice, since I used to do this kind of posts in the past. Anyhow, enjoy your Sunday and see you tomorrow!

Weekly Inspiration

Oh hello Monday, we meet again. My first working day this year, also first day back to normal,…


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