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Throwback Sunday: Couch Potato

Oh Sunday, could you last a whole week, pretty please?

This week was another one of those crazy ones. Work, school and doctors. I guess January is one of those times, when you just have to take care of everything involving health. I was running from dentist to the check up for the asthma thing, which is still a mystery by the way, we’ll have to wait for another two weeks…

Other than that, nothing’s really new. I was thinking and realized I will be turning into a couch potato soon if I don’t do something, so I went out with the girls to live a little. It wasn’t nothing major, no party hard, just three girls having mulled wine (or four) and a good laugh and then convincing somebody to drive us to the near Drive in. Pretty rebellious huh. But it was really fun and something I missed a lot. Making a reminder in my head right now, to not neglect the girls for so long anymore. Also, I had mom-day yesterday. We cooked the day away, well she did and I helped a little. After almost 5 hours spent whisking, mixing, cooking and baking, there was finally time to eat. The results were so good I still can’t breath from all the good food on my belly and there is left-overs pile so big that will last for a week. No, just kidding, it’s so good I don’t think it will last till tomorrow…

FAVORITE SONG OF THE WEEK: The Saturdays – What About Us

Weekly inspiration

The cold outside is slowly starting to get to me… My closet is giving up on offering me…

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