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The Day for New Haircut!

And there it was… Decided that my hair are finally long enough, that I am brave enough and ready to do it. This time I chose the hairdresser I trust the most and I am happy to say, I wasn’t wrong. She knew exactly what I wanted and did just that. So now, the damage is almost gone and I’m back to shorter, but much better looking haircut. And I love it!

Okay, here was supposed to be next part – the outfit of the day, but somehow I got a bad karma on myself when it comes to finding somebody to take photos and I’m sick of begging and bugging everyone. Okay, self-pity moment over. And I promise I’ll stop obsessing over my hair too. Someday.

Throwback Sunday: School & Facebook

It’s been a busy busy week. And I have a feeling the next one will be pretty much…

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