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Still alive!

Oh boy, how that Friday happened already?? I am so so sorry, for leaving you for whole week, but there just wasn’t any free time to squeeze the blog in. The cruel truth. But luckily, I’m back now!

Since there was no time to blog, there wasn’t time to do outfit shots either. Not that I was wearing anything worth picturing. But, I did catch a minute to take a photo of my usual uniform when it comes to comfy. Sweater, leggings and high tops with some colorful scarf. I know, pretty boring, but it’s comfy and perfect for those days when you have too much to do.

Well folks, that’s all for today, cross your fingers tomorrow will be something more interesting on the menu!

The Day for New Haircut!

And there it was… Decided that my hair are finally long enough, that I am brave enough and…


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