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Happy Birthday Fashion Junkie!

Can’t believe it? Me neither! I can’t believe it has already been 3 year since I started this blog. And thank you goes to all of you, my dear readers. Thank you for reading and coming back every day to read some more. I can’t tell you how this makes me smile!

Now, you probably noticed how a blog looks a bit different. Well, a lot. I thought it deserved some change and so I pimped it out with some new design. Wanted to create something that will be eye-catching and easy to browse. I also wanted something that would be challenging for me to create and I hope I succeed it. But, there will also be some content changes. I asked you to tell me what you want and you did. Now it’s my turn to listen.

I went through the responses of the poll and there are some changes coming up. Posts will have even more personality and I will try to publish as many outfit posts as I can (as soon as I recover from the cold that is). I started this blog with a passion for writing and love for fashion and perhaps this got lost a bit lately, but I’m gonna bring it back, starting tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!

Till then, I would just looove to hear what you think about the design and new look!

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