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DIY: Ideas January 2013

In order to start doing some DIYs, we first need ideas. All right, so I searched around a bit and found some pretty simple tutorials for some have some sparkly, edgy and pretty things!

Chalkboard paint

The chalkboard paint is quite popular these days and I always loved to scribble on such boards. The paint is already on the way, now all I need is something to paint, a brush and I’m ready to go!

source, source, source

Glitter patched sweater

Who would pass up on glitters? I wouldn’t! A great idea how to spice up your winter sweaters and it’s not even that complicated!

source, source

Embellished sunglasses

Well, it’ not really sunny outside right now (at least not here), but they look adorable and too cute to pass, because a little bit of glaming up never hurts, am I right?

source, source, source

Hologram clutch

Every girl needs a bag that stands out, for, you know, those moments when you want to look special, but your outfit just doesn’t sparkle enough on its own.

source, source, source

Zipper Jacket

Although I’m not that skillful with sewing and everything, this is still awesome idea. Perhaps I’ll bribe my grandma to do this for me…

source, source

Throwback Sunday: New Year & Stuffed Nose

Well, this is awkward. I had the whole post written and prepared, there were just the photos missing…


  1. Jaz tudi razmišljam že dlje časa o teh zadrgah na jakni. Barvo za table sem si že sama naredila, te flike za komolce pa imam že dve leti doma, sicer ne z bleščicami, navadne rjave, pa še se nisem zraven spravla.

    Super objava!

  2. Jaz sem slučajno našla tele zadrgice, ampak je res dobra ideja :)Jaz mam cel seznam narejen kaj vse bi rada nardila, pa se 3/4 stvari sploh nikol nebom spravla narest :Dž
    In hvala za pohvalo! :D

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