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Outfit: What I Would Wear Right Now

It will be a busy busy day today. Going shopping with my mom, then having lunch at grandma’s and after going to my aunt’s on a cookie party, woop woop! Don’t ask me how could all this fall to the laziest day there is, because I have no clue.

So, I have a bit of a problem dressing up today. All the different environments, it’s hard to dress accordingly for all of them. Even though that one part of the family is not really into dressing up (there were sweatpants involved several times on Christmas) I want to dress just a little bit more special than usual. It’s a special lunch after all. This right here would be my perfect outfit for today. Don’t you wish for a magic closet sometimes, that would magically get whatever you wished for at the moment? Because I sure do.

Leather skirt & sweater – comfy but still stylish, Glitter sneakers – do I need to explain? They’re my dream shoes, Bag – need a big bag for shopping, Bracelets – spicing up the whole outfit

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