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Home Decor: Bookstands & TV

I had this whole post ready for you yesterday, but then that little errand with my mom popped up, so I couldn’t post it. Buut, today I want to tell you all about our mini adventure! It included few boxes, wires, screwdriver and a busy morning. Got a clue yet? We got some more furniture for my lovely flat aaaand (drumroll please) I finally got a TV! Mom had two all for herself and she generously gave me one! How cool is that, now I’ll finally be fully plugged into the world again.

Although I did put everything together and filled the shelves already, I still need to hang those lovely pictures (also a gift from my mom, how awesome is she!) and since now the TV stands on a table that used to be my nightstand, I clearly need a new nightstand or a TV bench. And don’t be fooled by pictures, there are still boxes around me…

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