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And now we can finally reveal. There will be a giveaway going on for the whole month almost! It’s our way to show you guys that we love you and appreciate you coming back and reading the blogs! So, straight to the chase. There will be two winners, one girl and one guy. Each of them will get three super duper gifts, hand picked by me and my boy (the third one is yet a secret). All you have to do is go through the steps down below, it’s super easy! You have time till the 20th of December to enter!
Good luck to all of you!

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Weekly Inspiration

There’s one thing I love on Mondays and that’s my Weekly Inspiration posts. I see how you guys…


  1. OMG, kok kul! :D
    Najboljši Božič do zdaj, hm… Nekako za letošnjega planiram da bo najbolši :D

  2. Kako je zgledal moj najljubši božič? Verjetno smo s sestro okoli jelke plesale.. Kakšno desetletje in več nazaj :P
    Super giveaway.

  3. Najljubši božič, lani ko je dveh mescih brat prišel domou s Švedske in smo se ga fajn napili skupi :P

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