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Shopping: Dreamy finds

I promised you my dreamy shopping list few days ago and here it is. Hint the dreamy part of the title, as I don’t have funds to buy all of this. But oh well, dreaming doesn’t hurt…

SKIRT – To break a pattern of just dresses, some skirts would be a nice change. JEANS – well, this is one thing I really need. At least a pair or two! SCARF – I was quite obsessed with scarves in the past, but now I got bored of all that are already in my closet… SNEAKERS – These are plain awesome, no explanation needed! JEWELRY – Got bored of all the rings and bracelets I have, I need new bling! BAG – I’m drowning in black bags, I need colours! HIGH HEELS – Too pretty to pass them… TIGHTS – Another pair of black or whatever color never hurts, right?

So here’s my list of everything I would love to buy at the moment and now I want to see yours! by the way, if you still didn’t, vote HERE!

Happy December!

Can’t believe December is already here. Who would thought that time flies so fast huh… But we can’t…