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The Story of My Hair Karma

As I’m sure also all of you do, I have a strong relationship with my hair. I love them and I try to take extremely good care of them. You could say I am a bit obsessed with them. But in a good way. Not washing them too often, conditioning them, putting on masks and oils, avoiding too much heat and all that stuff. I thought by caring I will be gaining good karma when it comes to going to the hairdresser and looking good after it.

This post was meant to be the proud me, with new awesome haircut, but I guess, the karma wasn’t that good after all.

My plan was to splurge and take care of my hair in a salon that’s a bit pricey in order to get only what’s best for my hair. But once again I was proven money can’t get you the best. I had an awesome feeling when I stepped in the salon, the hairdresser had this amazing idea that unfortunately looked totally different in my head than it was in hers, which meant a small catastrophe. I’m not gonna be superficial and go on about how I cried about all missing hair and how for a while you’ll only see me with my hair up, but I admit. I’m dissapointed, although it’s not all bad, I totally love the new color.

But oh well, I learned my lesson. Always stick with your ideas and people you trust will do a good job!  

Do you have some bad hair karma stories too? Share!

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