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Gossip Girl nostalgia: Jenny Humphrey

I know the Gossip Girl is pretty much over and out, but watching the old episodes always gives me inspiration. Remember Jenny? She had the best wardrobe on the show. And I know I was posting about Jenny over and over ago in the past posts up here, but a little nostalgia doesn’t hurt.

Her outfits on the show since the season 2 were always something a bit different and so creative. I was always looking forward seeing her and “stealing” the ideas for my own outfit…

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Bach to School: Inside My Bag

If in August I talked about College Classroom Must Haves, now I’m showing you what I really take…


  1. 8. oktobeeeeer nova sezona, komi čakam! :D

    Jenny ma awesome stil, čeprav Blair zmaga za mene. :)

  2.  nekak se mi zdi da so se izpel že v prejšnji sezoni, ampak let's see kakšna bo ta :))
    Sej ima vsaka od njih po svoje kulski stil :D

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