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FWLJ: TOP 5 Day 2

I’m kinda embarrassed that I didn’t watched the shows yesterday, because looking at the photos now, with the amazing clothes, it was probably awesome. I could easily find at least one pieces from every designer, that I really really like and my wardrobe absolutely needs.

So, here’s my TOP 5 for today: Sofianogard, Maja Štamol, Neli Štrukelj, Ana Jelinič and Alice Bossman! Abolutely adore the playfulness of short dresses, flowiness of the long ones, blue, turquoise, black and white and of course gold and the grace of those long, formal ones!

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Outfit of the day: Plaid & Turquoise

I think we all have that certain piece in out closet, that keeps hidden, but after a while…