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FWLJ: TOP 3 Day 1

The Philips Fashion week started here in Ljubljana and I have to say, they’re getting better every season. Unfortunately I wasn’t there in person but lucky for us without invitations, here’s the live stream, where you can always be in the first row while enjoying in your own bed with refreshments. ;) Apologizing in advance to you Twitter followers, I can go kinda overboard when it comes to tweeting during the shows…

I only caught the second show, so here’s my report.

My top 3? Katja Magister, Farandula and Akultura. Long flowy dresses, pretty bows, those cute rain boots with kickass printed dresses, beige, grey, pink, blue… They blew my mind.

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Stay tuned for more reports in next two days!

FWLJ: TOP 5 Day 2

I’m kinda embarrassed that I didn’t watched the shows yesterday, because looking at the photos now, with the…