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DIY: Golden Shoe Box Tray

My desk is always a mess and no matter how hard I try to take off all the unnecessary things there are some things you just need to be close. Like all the pens and scissors and things for your phone and all that. Since all of these stuff end being all over the place, I decided put them on a little tray. And I went and be a little creative. I have tons of empty shoe boxes lying around so I thought why not use one for something useful, like changing it into a cute gold tray!

 All you need is:

  • Shoe box (it can be upper or bottom part, depends on what you’ll use it for)
  • Paint (any color, any kind)
  • Paint Brush
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Okay, so the process is pretty simple. First paint the box and get creative. Use whatever color you want and will match your room, you can paint it in all one color or do something a bit different and to some patterns, the choice is yours. Then wait for paint to dry.
The next and last step is wrapping the duct tape around the box. We’ll do that to protect the paint and the box, so it wouldn’t get ripped or scratched. Wrap the whole thing, on the inside and the outside.

And now you’re done! Place your things on your fabulous new tray! Make sure to take a picture and share it with me…

Outfit of the day: Raspberry Roses

It was one of the last pretty weather days, or at least no rain and reasonable temperatures day…