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Outfit of the day: Getting ready!

These blog-free weeks were probably the most relaxing in a long time, but at the same time they were the most anxious and frustrating ever. I wanted to post so badly, but then I opened the Blogger and… blank. There was nothing. Every desire to write just disappeared in a second. Well, that’s when I realized I need to change something.

I love blogging so much, but I didn’t see any point in doing it. Was it the thought of failing, losing interest in the topic, boring uninteresting posts? Personally I think I never tried that hard like I did in a last month, but stubborn as I am, I’m getting back there, this time all in. Knocking my game up even more. I wanted to make a perfect come-back with proper outfit photos, my domain in place and my own e-mail account, but once again I’ve been proven that nothing is perfect. Fall seven times, stand up eight, they say. Something worth remembering and living by.

So I’m starting again, with this short video of me getting ready in the morning. Hope you’ll like it! And let me know if you want some more in the future…

Oh, and I’m so sorry for kinda bad quality of the video, smart me was filming with the blinds down…

Outfit of the day: Big bags and comfy clothes

I’m proudly presenting whole new Outfit of the day, for the first time in very long long not…


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