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Outfit of the day: Big bags and comfy clothes

I’m proudly presenting whole new Outfit of the day, for the first time in very long long not a self-shot. It was a part of my new blogging resolutions. Try and make better outfit of the day posts. And here it is. My very first. It’s nothing special really, but I like it. It captures a variation of my everyday look these days. T-shirt, leggings, blazer and sneakers. And of course, humongous bag. Comfy, but stylish. Eventhough I think I’ll have to switch my Converse for something bit more waterproofy. 

Leggings, T-shirt – Zara, Top tank – Topshop, Bag – Ebay, Blazer – H&M, Sneakers – Converse

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  1. Suprca, fotkice slikane zunaj takoj miljon bolš izpadejo :) xx Pa <3 za majčko in allstarke :) xx

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