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DIY: Finished and Unfinished Studding

I totally love DIYs. I love seeing the creations, I love seeing new ideas, new, improved things. Is someone sensing a but here? That’s because it’s coming. BUT, I’m kinda impatient when it comes to doing them. I get bored in the middle of everything.

You know about my studs obsession already, so putting two plus two, I figured why not try to do some studding on my own. And one out of three is actually complete! What about that, huh. Well, I started on some cool, yet just half studded sneakers, an awesome notebook that I haven’t exactly figured out how I want it to look and ta-daa, I finished the iPhone case! See the results below

Lookbook: Bershka August 2012

I like Bershka, but I never really payed special attention to their collections, till today. I came across…