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The Dillema: What will I wear today?

Full closet of beautiful clothes, but yet every morning I spent at least half an hour, staring at it, with absolutely no clue what to put on today.

Sounds familiar?

I’m sure most of you girls out there knows what I’m talking about. Usually I’m doing this in the privacy of my home, with no one there but me, but sometimes there happens to be a significant other that sees me, sitting on a bed, with that desperate look in my eyes when I don’t know what to wear. And his reaction? Probably mostly confusion. Why do I even have this problem when my wardrobe is cracking at the seams? I asked myself that same question several times and I still don’t have the answer.

Am I too picky? Do I buy the wrong clothes? Or am I just too sick of seeing the old clothes every day? The answer is probably little bit of everything and even more.

Not long time ago, I read a book by Nina Garcia, called Little Black Book of Style. In there, she explains her point of view on styling, fashion and everything in between. And somewhere in the book, there’s a chapter about this particular problem, dressing up in the morning, where she explains the reasons for it. There’s quote that stuck in my head ever since seeing it.

These women understand that what they put on in the morning is the first thing that people notice about them. It tells the world a bit of their story.

When searching for the right outfit, it doesn’t matter if it’s gonna rain, or how cold is going to be. What matters is, how are you feeling that day. There are days, when you want to be a sophisticated lady, days for just jeans and T-shirt, or days for trying something new. Anyhow, there exists this perfect outfit of any day that comes. And it’s hiding right there in your closet, you just have to find it.

Maybe I didn’t actually solve the problem of morning closet stares, but at least I explained it, I hope. It’s a part of morning routine that it can’t be skipped!

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  1. Ups, tole komentiranje ne dela vredu na tablci. Ful maš urejeno omaro, sploh ne poka po šivih :P Mogla bi videt mojo, to je šele mess :O

    Js sm tud prebrala Little Black Book of Style, ful mi je bla všeč. Čeprav še vedno stojim vsej petnajst minut pred omaro vsako jutro -.-

  2. Fantastično si tole napisala! =) Res je, da imaš polno omaro, ampak tipi tega nikol ne bodo razumel, ko boš rekla, da nimaš kaj za obleč. =)

  3.  Mogla bi videt stanje moje pojstle in vseh stolov okol ko je blo tole fotkano :D pol omare je razmetano vsepovsod naokoli :)
    Ja sej to. Se mi zdi da je to postal že nek obred, rutina, ki se ji tut če že veš kaj oblečt, nemorš izognit :D

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