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Outfit of the day: Jeans with bows

Do you sometimes wish to have a super power for freezing time? To stop everything from moving. To just… Breathe. Because I do. Sometimes I wonder, about my life, my past, how everything went by so quickly, without even noticing. All hours in school I wished for them to go faster, and all those beautiful moments that I wished to last forever. And then I sometimes get scared, that with time, I’ll forget all those amazing memories I made throughout the years. About all the small things that used to make my day, old friends, even the heartaches, it’s all worth remembering.

But that’s the beauty of memories. Photographs and journals fall apart, but all the feelings in your heart… They never really fade away.

Tights – Primark, Sweater, Necklace – H&M, Sneakers – Converse, Bag – Ebay, Ring – Forever 21, Shirt – vintage

Outfit of the day: Rainy days

Last rainy days were actually kinda welcomed. For me, they’re the perfect time to reflect. Sometimes we just…


  1. Ful mi je všeč kombinacija črnega z jeansom. Res dobro zgleda, pa prstan je čudovit! :)))

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