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BFW: Ana Ljubinković

You’re all aware of Philips Fashion Week that’s going on these days in Ljubljana and I admit, the designs are very interesting, although nothing really caught my eye. But probably very few of you also know that there is Belgrade Fashion Week running right now as well. I was just going through my Google Reader when I saw this amazing collection by Ana Ljubinković. Truly breathtaking. The pastels, flowers, pearls… All so girly and totally appropriate for spring! 

photos via: BFW

By the way, Ana Ljubinković is not the only interesting designer on BFW, there are so many other truly amazing. I’ll maybe even post the others in the future. Anyway, take a look at them HERE!

FWLJ: final show

If yesterday the post was about Belgrade Fashion Week, today I want to talk abut our own,  Fashion…


  1. Točno kej tazga sm pogrešala na našmu weeku, pa je blo vse črno :D love it!

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