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New in: Sparkling meow!

I know I’m going to London in less than a week and I’m literary shop till drop there, but this was just a thing I couldn’t resist buying. You all know I’m obsessed with rings, nothing new there. Went to H&M 2 days ago and found this sparkly cutie pie. Tell me, how can you resist it? That’s right, you can’t! So here it is, my goodbye gift for myself. (Oh, these lame excuses…)

Cooking: Mojitos

Mojitos! These are actually not food (obviously!), but I think it can go into the category of cooking…


  1. hey, I hear you:) jst grem aprila v brusel potem pa še v london, ampak rabm še tok stvari za sabo:) a victoria's secret se v lonodnu odpre šele polet kajneda?

  2.  Jz se tja podajam s skor praznim kufrom, ker mislim da ga tam nebo problem nafilat :D za victoria's secret pa nisem prepričana kdaj se odpre…

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