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London: The city of my dreams!

London! Can’t even describe how awesome time I had there past week. Shopping, sightseeing, drinking coffee, eating yummy sandwiches and cupcakes, having the best time ever!

I know you all had probably enough of it already, since a lot of other bloggers were there as well this past month, but I just have to post about it too. I just can’t resist it! 

That reminds me. Should I do the separate post about everything I bought as well?

Outfit of the day: London part 2

London, my sweet London. Can’t believe it’s already over. The 5 days never went sop quickly. Sitting at…


  1. We can never have too much ldn! :D
    Lepe fotke :)
    Js bi z veseljem brala še post o shoppingu v Londonu :)

  2. ja pač priznam d sm ti kr mal fouš! london je res <3 in upam d si se ga nauživala! )

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