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Cooking: A yummy lunch!

I know you’re all probably sick of me complaining about my internet problems, but yes, they’re still here, although right now the connection is very strong, so I’ll use that to make some posting. Yay!

Past days I’ve been trying out my kitchen and did some cooking. Inspired by lovely Slovenian blog Ljubeznice, I thought why not capture it and put it here every now and then. I have to warn you, this are actually kinda my first attempts in kitchen, so for now I’m only trying simple things.

Pasta with mozzarella, tomato, frankfurters and beetroot. It was veery YUMMY, may I add.

Outfit of the day: Red and short!

And finally… New outfit post! I know a lot of you have been waiting for it for quite…


  1. če se hrenovkam s peresniki in mezgo iz tube lahko reče sploh hrana. fuj.

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