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Why are heels such a fascination for women?

I’m probably, most definitely, not the only one who adores seeing a pair of extremely high and fabulous heels. I admit, I love seeing them on the shelf, walking on the street, in the stores, I’m a true believer in wearing high heels (the higher the better – kitten heels for me doesn’t even count as a heel) and I admire every one who does it on a daily basis.  

(H&M, Buffalo, Cinti, Missguided, Dorothy Perkins)

 I’m basically obsessed with buying them, but when it comes to the wearing part, I become hesitant. It looks so simple, yet in reality it is quite difficult. I would love to believe everyone who says that you just have to find the right pair and the pain disappear, but I just cant. I tried too many of them to know better. Wearing heels is a pain in the ass.

Not at first but after a while your legs become numb. And despite all that, I still cant resist them. What’s the appeal of that particular pain? Is looking sexy and feminine really worth all that?  So I decided to test myself once again. Usually I wear heels only on special occasions, like going clubbing, and even then always bringing a pair of flat shoes with me for just in case, which in reality I spent most of the night in, unless I’m really drunk. But this time I gathered the courage and went to classes in my new “not so high heel” pair of ankle boots. To test my stubbornness I also didn’t took any spare shoes with me.  

 And the results? Been on a bus, got to the college, spent 4 hours there sitting and then went out with a friend and walked around city like any normal day. All together, I had heels on for 8 hours. And I felt pretty darn awesome. It didn’t even hurt that much like I expected.  My theory? Partly overruled. Yes, you can spent a whole day in heels, but probably not really on an everyday basis. Unless you own a car and you sit in the office most of the time. Or you’re a celebrity.

The Conclusion? Since I’m not any of the above (yet), I’ll stick to my lovely sneakers and flats for everyday life. It’s fun to wear heels, every now and then, but in the end, I’m still a girl who prefer to stay grounded. So I guess a mystery of suffering in heels will probably never be solved completely.

I’m moved in!

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  1.  to je kr resen problem potem ko se nabere ene par parov… jz razmišljam o posebni polici v dnevni, samo za čevlje :D

  2. Enako! Men so petke prekrasne, vse možne bi mela. In potem si nabavim vsake tulk kak par..zakaj?! Da mi stojijo v omari, dobesedno. Tiste s polno peto so carske, ampak jih nimam 5 parov, da bi vsake tulko obula druge. Pomojem se je treba sam navadit na njih. Čimveč hoje. Pomembno je pa tudi to, da najdeš pravo številko..Meni se je namreč že dvakrat zgodilo, da sem kupila petke, ki so mi prevelike. Noga mi seveda drsi iz njih in nažalost jih ne morem nositi.

    Super objava, pa oprosti, če sem se preveč razpisala! :D

    Ela xoxo

  3. Enako! Meni so petke same po sebi ful fascinantne in včasih mi je kakšne kar škoda dat na nogo, bi jih rajši mela na polici zložene.
    Se kr strinjam s tabo glede vaje sicer. Sam meni je včasih ševedno kr mal nerodno hodit s petami okol, ko te pol folk čudno gleda na ulci, ampak ja, treba se je navadit. :) Glede velikosti, je pa vedno priporočljivo da si kupiš številko manjše, vsaj jaz to prakticiram, pa se pol ne sezuvajo…
    in hvala za tak obširen komentar, take mam ful rada! :D

  4.  to je kr resen problem potem ko se nabere ene par parov… jz razmišljam o posebni polici v dnevni, samo za čevlje :D

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