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Outfit of the day: to be warm is the goal!

Yeah, I almost froze to death today, never mind the million layers ofclothes on me. Why does it have to be so cold outside anyways? Who knows.

Well, taking a little break from studying for tomorrows exam, I took those outfit photos, finally, after a long long time. I was trying something new, out of the usual “self-mirror pictures” zone. What do you think, I’m getting better at this, don’t I? And now, looking at the pictures, I realized I haven’t even posted any pictures of my “new” do, since I got it. I have to say, I’m loving shorter hair, everyday more, so much easier than longer. Not sure I’m going back to long one anytime soon. And excuse my duckfaces, don’t know why I’m doing them on every photo. haha

Dress, T Shirt, Leggings, Ring, Necklace – H&M, Cardigan – vintage, Nailpolish – Catrice Lost in Mud and Goldfinger

Now back to studying, wish me luck tomorrow!

My Moo minicards are here!

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