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What I learned in 2011?

Another year is around and it’s time to do my annual list of things that I discovered this year. The last years list was quite long, let’s see if I made some progress this year too…

I learned:

That letting go can take up to forever.

That I can survive whole week without my 8 hours “beauty sleep” per day.

That trusting those who are supposed to be my friends can be pretty tricky.

That leggings are much warmer and comfier for the winter than jeans.

That driving isn’t that scary and it can actually be pretty fun.

That failing an exam can bring up some pretty awesome new opportunities and experiences.

That my apartment apparently won’t be done in 2011.

 pictures via tumblr, various blogs and my own

2012 Resolutions

My list of this New Year resolutions. Let’s just hope I’ll be more successful at actually fulfilling them…


  1. Yea, and I was trying so hard to make sure that I sleep 8 hours every night! Leggings and tights are the best! :D

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