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Outfit of the day: Stripes volume 2

Fridaaay! Finally. The second one in December, and there’s only three left in this year.  Speaking of New Years, do you already know where you’ll be? I don’t have a clue, so any good ideas are very welcome! But till then, there’s still a lot to do. It’s about time I start studying for exams, start doing the term papers that are due till the end of the month or sooner, and beside all that, I’m preparing a little something for you guys. But it is staying a secret till Monday, so stay tuned. ;)

The “jeans craze” didn’t last long, I’m back with leggings. Unbelievable how warmer they are than jeans, and not to mention extremely easier to style and comfortable…

Dress – Topshop, Leggings, Cardigan, Ring, Scarf – H&M, Bag – vintage,  Boots – Nelly

Have a good weekend!

Time for Holidays! the FJ way

It’s time to get excited! Last three weeks of 2011 are here and I decided to do something…


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