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Outfit of the day: Jeans and stripes

After weeks of leggings I decided that it was time for jeans. I wore them to classes of Economy, which I had yesterday in the afternoon. On this note may I mention that I’m not the biggest fan of this subject and definitely not fond of studying time that is waiting for me this weekend.

Still a big shopaholic, got the second package from Asos few days back, with this hat and my new glasses. And last week I went to Zara with Eva, just out of boredom and got this Oxford shoes I was looking for for quite some time now. And now, I REALLY hope I’m done for a while, because my wallet can’t take it anymore…

Jeans – Bershka, Top – H&M, Hat – Asos, Bag – vintage, Shoes – ZARA, Ring – Guess

Other than that, nothing really special is going on around here. The Christmas spirit is slowly kicking in, whole city is already decorated, and now I’m just waiting for my apartment to be done, so I can start decorating too. And speaking of Christmas time, I’m preparing something special for you guys, so stay tuned!

Outfit of the day: Stripes volume 2

Fridaaay! Finally. The second one in December, and there’s only three left in this year.  Speaking of New…