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Outfit of the day: Cozy and Cold!

Oh my God, when it got so cold outside?! I freeze on my way to the bus station every morning… So today I decided that it’s finally enough and I took the coat out of the closet. Also managed to snap a photo before I ran out the door (I was almost late again)…

Now that I’m looking at these pictures it looks like I’m not wearing much, but I was actually dressed in many layers of very warm clothes, like double tights and woolen cardigan and I wasn’t cold at all!

Coat, tights – H&M, Tshirt – Zara, Bag – Ebay, Shoes – Primark

Can’t believe November is getting to end soon, it went so quickly…

Outfit of the day: Leggings

Who would think that a pair of leggings could be warmer than jeans, but it’s true. I’m beginning…


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