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Outfit of the day: Black with studs!

Finally an outfit post again! I always forget to take pictures of outfits, or my clothes are too boring and not worth photographing at all. 

I finally remembered and quickly snapped few photos before classes, of my not very interesting outfit, with my very new bag and ankle boots. Both ordered on internet, boots on and bag on Ebay (no it’s not original Alexander Wang unfortunately, but close enough for me!).

Blazer, Jeans – Bershka, Tshirt – Forever21, Boots –, Bag – Ebay, Ring – H&M

A close-up of the pretty bag, totally worth waiting for the last few weeks…

Now I think it’s time that I start to “cheat” on fashion with interior design. I’m finally decorating my apartment! Stay tuned for photos from my trip to Ikea…

My successful trip to Ikea

The Ikea day has come!  There’s still hope I’ll actually move out till the New Years. The kitchen,…


  1. Hvala :)
    Mislim da je kr podjetje, iz Kitajske drugače pošiljajo, tole je pa “nick” od prodajalca: kissmyairs09

  2. Super škornji in torba, a torbo si kupla od privat osebe ali od trgovca? Bi te prosila za link, če lahko.

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