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My successful trip to Ikea

The Ikea day has come! 

There’s still hope I’ll actually move out till the New Years. The kitchen, bed, wardrobe, everything is ordered, now let’s just hope it comes soon. Didn’t know that furniture shopping is so freaking exhausting though, my legs hurt like crazy because of the running through Ikea like billion times. The good part is I now know every corner by heart… But I’m glad I did it, cuz now I can finally think about the funnier part of decorating – actual decor stuff! I’m mad about their candles and mirrors and everything else, but sadly this trip was dedicated just to buy the essential things. 

Here are some of the photos, me having fun choosing everything… The actual things come later, I’ll keep you posted!

Outfit of the day: Cozy and Cold!

Oh my God, when it got so cold outside?! I freeze on my way to the bus station…


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