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Hi, I’m Peppi and I’m shopoholic!

And I’m not even kidding! These past months I’ve been shopping almost every day. I’ve got a lot of stuff, but the bad part is, I’m not done yet! Still got few things on my shopping list, that I’m either waiting for them to be delivered or waiting for my paycheck to come, so I can order them. I’m horrible, I know, I have to stop this madness soon!

But till then, I’m sharing my latest buys (well, some of them are not so “new” anymore) with you guys.

Still obsessed with nail polishes, the absolutely latest are the Bourjois – Cerise noire, Essence – Modern Romance, Trust in Fashion and Simply Nude. And there’s the Topshop ring, which I couldn’t resist buying!

Found these flats at kids department (actually my mom bought them for me), yesterday, and I just had to have them! They’re super cute, perfect for upcoming holiday parties. And a girl can never have to much tights. (Both from H&M). I’ve been looking for another blazer for a long time now and I finally found it in Bershka.

Dresses are the simplest thing to throw on in the mornings, and beside, they’re so cute and girly. The stripped one is from Topshop (it was on sale), perfect for classes and work days. The lace one is from H&M and it’s probably gonna be the dress for New Years party. The colorful skirt is also from H&M, it was on sale and it’s so freaking awesome, it’s just a shame, that I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it yet. The leggings were a gift from my aunt, they’re “leathery” in the front and normal in the back and so cool! And the last one of my buys is the “brownish” jumper from H&M (again, sales!), perfect to throw it on, when you have nothing to wear or just want to be comfy.

And that’s it!

Hopefully, there will be several outfit posts with all these things…

Now I’m awesome!

Have been looking for the perfect phone case and I think I finally found it!. What do you…


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