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Cheers to the freaking weekend!

Weekend is here again! I couldn’t be more happy for these two days off!

After yesterdays Cocktail night out with gang I took tonight off and treated myself with some beauty pampering, as facials, peelings and everything else, which I haven’t done in a while now. And I feel like new now, it’s amazing how little is necessary for good mood. I have even lit a candle and now I’m off, to curl up in bed with one of my favorite book, Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad (I read this book and all the others probably hundred times, but it’s so good!). 

Lovelies, have a good night!

Hi, I’m Peppi and I’m shopoholic!

And I’m not even kidding! These past months I’ve been shopping almost every day. I’ve got a lot…


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