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The first thing you notice is…

Once in a while I take a magazine and read some interviews with celebrities and the journalists are asking them what they notice first on another person, and I asked myself the same question. What do I see first on a boy, besides that he’s cute? (if he is cute of course) What’s the first thing that comes to my mind

My answer is kinda weird and I don’t know why, but the first thing I look for is the shoes. Yea, I know, the answer should be their eyes or smile or something. If the person has some ugly or weird shoes I’m not even interested to see something else. 

I really don’t know why, probably because I’m shoeholic, but I really do love to see that people take time to choose nice and right shoes for themselves. They don’t have to be the most expensive ones, but they have to look good in them. For instance,  some cute looking flats for girls and awesome and cool looking sneakers for guys are the simplest solutions and they look good in almost every way and style.

I think that with the right shoes you show that you know what looks good on you. It’s this final touch that adds so much. I don’t know, people with nice shoes just radiate really good vibe… And as I saw, not a lot people give as much attention to shoes as they give to everything else they’re wearing.

Yea, now you’re probably asking, what shoes are good looking to you. I’ll show you, and don’t be scared I’m not so demanding, it’s actually pretty simple.

Here are some ideas for guys: Sneakers are essential and they look good with almost everything. As for girls, I won’t go into the details with heels and everything, just basic flats should do it (I post about shoes to much anyway):

So, let me ask you now. What is the thing you notice first on the other person?

Ikea, furniture and dreaming about my own place…

Sorry for lack of posts lately, I’m just not really inspired to write. But I’ve been searching for…


  1. not weird :) Jz se najprej v čevlje zagledam, ki pa morjo itak pasat k vsemu da so sploh tapravi, pol pa ostalo… Vsakemu svoje :))

  2. če se pogovarjamo o izgledu, bom rekla kar celoten outfit:) in potem takoj vidim kaj bi zamenjala ali kaj mi je še posebej všeč!
    glede ostalega pa..kretnje. Nekateri se ti prav prikupijo z njihovimi kretnjami. hihi..weird or not? :)

    Lp, M.

  3. haha, jaz sem ista:D čevlji res dodajo piko na i k outfitu. Tudi ko razmišljam, kaj bom oblekla, najprej pomislim, kaj bom obula:)

    P.S.: dober izbor čevljev na sliki:)

    Lepo soboto ti želim;) Barbara

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