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TAG: What’s in my bag/purse?

I was tagged in by So Delicious to do What’s in my bag post, and although my bag it’s already posted on Ulični Stil I guess it doesn’t hurt to do an updated version, now that I can do better photos. So here it is.

I wear this old Forma bag that can probably be already called vintage, I got it from my aunt I think. It’s the right size (that means huuge) and I  love it, the only thing I don’t like it’s that it doesn’t have any pockets inside, so it’s all messy and you can never find anything inside.

  • Bag with camera
  • Wallet (bought somewhere in Italy)
  • Elle cosmetic bag with hand cream, gums, lip balm, concealer, mirror, elastics and stuff
  • Wet wipes
  • Keys
  • Moleskine calendar
  • Ray-Ban sunglasses
  • Glasses (yea, I don’t see very well without them, but still, I walk around having them in my purse and not on my nose)
  • iPhone
  • earphones
  • pencil case with pens

That’s my bag, now I tag Fashionista’s Diary and Stardust and Roses!

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