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Shopping: The Best Cure for Bad Mood!

Yea, I’m Shopaholic with capital S. Today I decided that I need a shopping spree to cheer me up instead of the usual chocolate. And the result: a lighter wallet and a little smile on my lips. No, I’m still cranky, but at least now with better clothes. 

I went crazy in H&M (they’re having sales, by the way), bought the leopard scarf I’ve been eyeing the last month, leggings I need, some pants, cardigan and a T-shirt. And then went to Nama to buy another pair of leggings, this time the wet look kind, and of course, I couldn’t resist Mueller for a few new nail polishes. I’m baaad I know, but they are so awesome!

More details tomorrow, and hopefully some outfit photos!

Letting you know that…

Started a Tumblr a while ago, just reblogging my favourite pictures. Thought I might let you know, so…