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Outfit: Maybe part of loving is learning to let go

A super cool day behind me. It was time for weekly lunch with Eva yesterday and we chose the All you can eat Chinese restaurant in Supernova. Yummy! I don’t remember being that full in a long time. I even gave sushi another shot, but it’s really not my cup of tea. 

I got to wear my new leggings and cardigan from yesterday’s shopping spree and even did some outfit photos (excuse my weird faces, the sun was shining directly into my eyes!). I have to say, I wasn’t that big fan of legging before, but they’re kinda growing on me now, they’re so comfy.

Later I went to the movies with my best friend Katja, we watched One day, with Anne Hathaway. It was very nice but so sad. I don’t like movies with a not happy ending.  After we of course went to McDonald’s to cheer ourselves up with some chocolate! And Katja couldn’t resist playing with my camera…

So, my bad mood from previous days is gone, decided that it’s not worth it to beat myself up with what others decide to do or not do, so from now on I’m done!

Shopping: Royalty Has Arrived!

Now, I’m really done shopping for a while!  These babies were the last thing on my shopping list.…