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Outfit: B for Brown Bohemian Fall

It’s so nice to have another 3 weeks in front of you, knowing you don’t have to go to school any time soon… I really like it. Although I’m getting kinda excited about college. New environment, new people, new everything.

Other than my dreaming, nothing is happening here. I’m working, babysitting and enjoying holidays! Yesterday I went to our local shopping centre with Eva and bought these two cute things in Dorothy Perkins for 10€ each (Sales, of course). One is floral lace dress and other is bohemian-inspired top, that I also wore to work today.

 This is how it looks on:

And I’m noticing right now that I’m posting awful pictures lately. I promise I will make more effort for better pictures, not just snap daily outfits in front of the mirror!And I’m getting new camera ASAP!

Hairstyles I Want to Try Once in My Life

When it comes to my hair, I’m really afraid of experimenting. The most radical thing I ever did…


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