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Hairstyles I Want to Try Once in My Life

When it comes to my hair, I’m really afraid of experimenting. The most radical thing I ever did was cutting them from very long to a short bob. But sometimes I’m thinking about big, drastic changes, like going blonde and stuff, but I don’t have the courage to actually do it. 

Maybe in the future, once, I’ll do some of these things. And if I really do it, then I hope it will suit me!





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What about you? If you could do anything with your hair for a day, what would you try?

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  1. Last year I shaved my hair on the right side and I just loved it! :) And it was almost white. But than I had to make it the same lenght and now I have quite short hair. And now I just can't wait to grow it long again :)

  2. haha ombre so kul, sploh če so “naravni” :D
    Mami mi je že skor rekla da se mi odpove če to nardim haha tko da mogoče bom še mal počakala :P

  3. Haha, jst sm pravkar na dobri poti do “ombre” las. :D Bomo vidli, če si premislim.
    Čene sm ponavadi mela dolge blond, enkrat sem se pobarvala v živo rdeče in se enkrat ostrigla na precej kratko, nisem bla prav za in mi tut ni blo všeč.
    Obrita sem bla pa 2x, fuuuuuul mi je všeč in itak, če ti na paše več si pač pustiš, da zraste, pa še skriješ pod ostalimi dolgimi. Mislim, da bi ti pašalo. ;)

  4. Očitno mojega komentarja ni objaulo :(
    Jst sm lani se pobrila po eni strani. Pa skori bele lase sm mela. Super frizura :) samo potem jih je blo treba enačit, in zdej mam precej kratke. Tko da komaj čakam da mi spet zrasejo. :)

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