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Peppi is Back!

Hii! Sorry for my absence, my staying in Rome was so much fun I didn’t have time to post. Besides, it was kinda hard to write on my phone since I didn’t have a computer…  Now I’m back and hopefully, I’m starting again today in the afternoon. Expect a lot of new stuff around here, because I didn’t totally forget about you, so I have a lot of new material and changes waiting for happening. That’s all I’m giving away for now, but stay tuned!

So, now I’m going back to work, but you’ll hear from me later.

Rome through my eyes…

As promised posting more today. Just some photos for Rome, but it’s something. I took a few photos…


  1. Uf, letos so bili pa vsi v Rimu :) jih poznam še ene par, ki so uživali tam…res super mesto <3

    wb :)

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