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Outfit: White with a Dash of Colour

I’m not the biggest fan of August, maybe because it’s usually the last month of vacations and because it means the summer is ending and everyone starts to talk about fall. I don’t want summer to end yet! 

Well, summer ending or not, I have to start studying again soon, my exam is approaching really fast. I have to confess, I’m kinda scared to get into that classroom, writing the whole thing again, scared that I could fail again. But this time it will be over faster, I just have to wait for a week or two for results. So, next week it will be only Italian!

Anyways, this outfit is from yesterday, nothing really special, just my white dress and vest. I really like this simple summer dresses, you can wear them practically with anything and anywhere. And they’re so comfortable.

Have fun, I’m going studying to the library!

Glitters on Nails

Let’s write about nails a little. Lately I’m obsessed with really doing my nails, not just paint them…


  1. You look lovely. i love the the girly/flounce of that dress. great pictures!!!
    please visit/

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