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Outfit: Tons of Bracelets

Finally some sun! My cousins were here today again and while Ema was playing in the living room, Štefan and I were in my room, playing with sunglasses. He is wearing mine better than I do!

Little cutie pie with my sunglasses (sorry for blurry pic)

Well, later on, I went to the library, to study a bit, since my exam is now approaching quickly, and I read the whole Italian Grammar book. I’m kinda proud! haha, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, because my girls and I went out for cocktails and then dancing in TOP. So tonight it’s gonna be an early night, just a movie and then sleep! My outfit of the day, nothing special, lately I’m loving these simple tank tops that are a little bit bigger, they’re so comfortable and stylish and easy to wear.

Outfit of the day: Flowers for sunny day

It’s Friday and finally hot enough to put a summer dress on again. And I did just that.…