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Outfit: Pink for a Good Mood!

Finally posting again. My computer is now on repair and I just hope it comes back very very soon! Here is my outfit post of yesterday, something quite casual, just my pink pants from Rome. I figured it’s equally hot, whether I wear the shortest shorts or long pants, so here they are. On last photo you can also see a bit of my nails, I did the glitter manicure and I love it! Makes nails a little bit more special…

 Now I off to studying little more, just a few more days till my exam…

Favorites: Summer 2011

It’s the last day of summer vacation for school kids and it feels like summer is over, so…


  1. Ta rožnat je Essence Wanna kiss?, bleščičast je tudi Essence glitter topper, pod bleščicami je pa še Catrice Back to Black :)

    And thanks :D

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