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Favorites: Summer 2011

It’s the last day of summer vacation for school kids and it feels like summer is over, so I decided to do  FAVORITES OF THIS SUMMER. Let’s start!

OUTFIT: I’m a sucker for dresses in every season, but especially in summer. My favourite this year is this old white dress from Zara. Simple, casual and goes with everything. In this one, I paired it with vintage vest and black flats.


NAILS: I was really avoiding black this summer and I found this funky nail polish in H&M in Rome and I love it ever since. With little glitter on one nail, it looks gorgeous.


RING: You know I’m obsessed with them and I got a lot of them through this summer, but this one is still my favourite. I got it from LuShae Jewelry and I love it.


OTHER ACCESSORIES: I found my bracelets again, all the gifted ones and the ones I bought. The perfect accessory for summer!


SHOES: I was normally wearing flats and gladiators but my favourite is still my “not so new anymore” wedges. Didn’t have really chance to wear them much…


MAKE-UP: Pretty much natural, just mascara, a bit of eyeliner and a bit of concealer…


HAIRSTYLE: I was loving just simple straight loose hair, but since my hair is very long it tends to get very hot. And I was never really a fan of ponytails before, but this year I’m really loving it.


PHOTO: It’s from our trip to the beginning of July, from Zrće. It’s something about this photo that reminds me of all fun we had this year and all the good times I had with my girls. Just love it!


So, this was my tribute to this year’s summer. It was incredible, unforgettable and the best I ever had so far! I will miss it very much, but I’m kinda getting excited about what Fall will bring me…

So, share with me, what were your favorites this summer?

Outfit: Purple Dress

Finally done with my exams, hopefully with good results this time. When vacations for elementary and high school…


  1. Poletje *-* Tvoje izbire so mi prav všeč :) Aja, pa ne vem če sem že kdaj to poudarila, ampak ful lepe oči in trepalnice maš!

  2. Maš res lepe dolge lase, moj rep zgleda prav bogi v primerjavi s tvojim. :D Zakaj mi ne rasejo hitreje?!

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