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Week Review

Took a little break from life and went to the seaside with my mom for a weekend. I had a lot of fun with my family there and even had enough time to see my girls, Nika, Jelena and Valentina. It was nice to see them again.  I realize everyone is going somewhere this week and I’m probably the only one who is staying home… That means boriiing time and time that I find a job to fill my time…

Well, this could be a little week review (haven’t done this in a while). You probably know, we got the results on Wednesday and everything didn’t go as planned. I failed Italian. Not a big deal, I’m just disappointed it’s not all over yet. But I might get to go to Italy because of that, who knows…
That’s pretty much it what is happening, I’m enjoying summer, making plans for next school year, dreaming about my flat and other things and people… So yea, summer mood is on!

While I was in Portorož I only snapped two photos, the sea and me behind the wheel of the boat. I’ll do better next time, hopefully!

And of course, update on my countdown: only 8 days till my birthdaaaay!

Xoxo, Peppi

The Lion

6 days before my birthday I’m leaving you with this description of my zodiac sing – Leo. It’s…