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Maybe was my failing Italian meant to be, because now I can make my wish to go to Italy come true. And it’s coming true this Sunday. I’m going to Rome for 2 weeks! I still can’t believe it, but I will as soon as I sit down on the plane. I’m gonna study there, half of the day, the rest hopefully I’ll get to know other students and have lots of fun. Anyways, I just had to share this, because it happened so fast, the idea hasn’t even sunk in yet… For a while now I’ve been dreaming about going to someplace in Italy, to feel the beat and see how life looks there. 

Well, I’ll be posting from there don’t worry! But for now, I’m leaving you with this big news.

Outfit: Maybe it’s over, maybe we’re through

For me, holidays usually meant, laying on the couch, watching TV and being on a computer all day,…


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